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Teenagers singled out for fines as ticket machines fail
This ticket machine at Foxton station has been out of order for at leas 6 months, the main ticket machine has serious design problems and fails on a regular basis, a number of young people have said that the train company  Thames link is deliberately picking on young people as they are easy targets when Ticket machines fail.

According to passengers at Shepreth Station the machine is nearly always out of order, one female passenger said that she nearly always has to pay at Cambridge station for her journey

Andrew Fowler 53 from Barrington said that his son has been fined in the past due to non working ticket machines.

Mr Fowler also said that his son and two other boys were asked to pay £30 at Royston station after the ticket machines failed at Foxton, now two of the boys have been fined £55 and another has had a notice of prosecution served on him, one young passenger told us that station staff treat them like pigs, they pick on us all the time and make stupid comments we are never allowed to pay for a ticket at our destination we are always fined.