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Autumn Colours

There we were enjoying the Summer, and didn’t really see Autumn arriving.

I think Autumn arrived about the second week in this month (September) looking around you can just see the leaves on the trees turning colour, lots of light yellow’s, burnt oranges and a few splashes of red in amongst the green.  There seems to be a lot of berries and fruit on the trees and hedgerows too.

I love the changes of colour, so beautiful even though it signals the start of the colder weather.  I will be busy in the garden soon, bringing in the plants that can’t survive the winter, things like – geraniums, fuchsia’s, etc.  And collecting and sorting through apples, plums that I have and slowly changing my garden into its’ “winter look”, I also go out collecting blackberries and sloes to put in the freezer, some of them go to make Christmas gifts and/or treats.  It’s also the time of year where I can start to cut back some of the bushes so that they are ready for the winter.

Some of the picture’s you see are from plants and trees around my area, some are from when I’ve walked through Cambridge.
Bridge the Gap

My daughter and I signed up to the Bridge the Gap 2013 Walk in Cambridge, in aid of the Arthur Rank Hospice and the Cambridge News Press Relief community fund.  The walk took place on Sunday 15th September, starting and finishing on Jesus Green.  
We were booked in to start the walk at about 10.30am, we received our goody bag upon arrival, and although we were booked into start the walk at 10.30am, we started just after 10am. We had a lovely walk around the colleges and it didn’t seem to be hard work at all.
The beginning of the walk took us through the grounds of Magdalene College, and St John’s College where I took a picture of Lucy standing in front of the Bridge of Sighs.  We then walked through Clare College, we passed a statue of a Chinese man on the way in, the Glass on the gate was amazing.
Next was King’s College, of course you can’t walk through King’s College without visiting the Chapel, such a beautiful building.  St Catherine’s College, which dates back to 1473, was next.  I discovered the doctor who founded Addenbrooke’s Hospital used to be a student there, along with the likes of Jeremy Paxman and Ian Mckellen.
We made our way through Pembroke College, the third oldest of the colleges.  It was founded in 1347 by The Countess of Pembroke and was the first college to have its own chapel, the grounds are also home to a statue PITT deep in thought on his chair.
The Polar Museum marked the halfway point, we then made our way to Downing College, the walks through the grounds were equally beautiful. On the walk through Emmanuel College we found a crime scene and big yellow American Fire Engine.
Finally we arrived at Jesus College, the gardens and lawns at all of the colleges’ are beautifully kept and the buildings are truly amazing.  Before we knew it we were back to where we started on Jesus Green, with lots of picture taken to remind us of our walk.
We thoroughly enjoyed the 5 mile walk and plan to do it all again next year.  At the end of the walk it seemed that ‘beautiful’ was the only way to describe our experience.
The walk was sponsored by Cambridge Building Society, Cambridge News, Cambridge Assessment, TTP Group, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge University and the Rotary Club of Cambridge.